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Having a sturdy deck is one of the best ways to enjoy your yard. But what happens when you want to change things up? If you’ve decided it’s time for a new deck, then you should consider hiring reputable deck removal service contractors with experience in removing old decks safely. Another reason why homeowners contact deck removal contractors is that they find their falling apart or are not enjoying their deck anymore because it has become dangerous. Unfortunately for these homeowners, one of the problems that people often neglect in maintaining their decks is when to replace the deck.

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Most Common Deck Issues 

There are several reasons that property owners’ wood decks become damaged or need replacement, including moisture problems, mold and mildew, severe stains, substandard construction practices, and regular wear and tear. Additionally, the rise in popularity of composite wood products has increased. Composite boards are made up of recycled materials that typically consist of sawdust, ground-up plastic, and limestone. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and other plastics can also be used in the process.

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1. Moisture Problems

Damage caused by moisture is one common reason for deck replacement. Too much exposure to water for extended periods causes wood decks to rot and warp. This is because wood absorbs water when it comes in contact with moist soil or standing water, such as rain puddles or melted snow on the deck surface. 


This occurs when there is no grade separation between the bottom surface of the decking material and the soil beneath it, so when water seeps into the ground below, it reaches the wood’s bottom surface. The best way to reverse this problem is to make the grade level elevated so that the wood does not come in contact with the water.


2. Substandard Construction Practices

Boards can be installed improperly during construction. This causes gaps between boards and places to stress as they expand and contract due to changing moisture conditions throughout the year. If you see gaps around boards, there are several options for replacement, depending on your materials and personal preference. 


You can also opt for repairs using either of the two ways: refasten the existing board using screws or an adhesive caulk in the space between boards. The caulk should fill the spaces without expanding too much so that it squeezes out when you walk on it. Make sure to remove any dust or debris with any cleaner before reapplying the sealant, affecting its ability to adhere well. After applying, allow at least one day for the product to cure completely before walking on it again.


3. Regular Wear and Tear

The effects of regular use are another common reason for deck replacement. As wood decks age, they start to warp because of exposure to moisture and scorching sunlight throughout the year. This makes them dangerous to walk on because they do not provide stable footing, especially if nails have popped up or damaged the surface. If boards are not nailed down properly using joist hangers, they can shift or rotate over time, causing further damage to each board’s connection to the frame. Additionally, screws that hold boards down may work loose after time and must be checked.


Deck Demolition and Removal

The decision to remove your deck should not be taken lightly. With the proper planning and budgeting, you can get exactly what you want in a new design. Here are tips to help you decide if removing your old deck is worth it: 


  1. Consider the cost of rebuilding.

Decks can be one of the most expensive parts of any home improvement project, especially when their quality is considered. If your wooden deck began rotting years ago and has become unsafe for use, replacing it with something newer and more attractive may cost too much money. 


  1. Think about using an alternative solution instead.

One excellent option here is to install metal railings or other non-wooden materials. This allows you to remove the deck without removing the beautiful view it provides. However, if your old deck boards are in good condition, you can replace, give treatment, or reinforce them with new materials that match your design needs.


  1. Additional environmental considerations.

Removing a wooden deck often requires at least some level of excavation work which can be both destructive and time-consuming for trees, flowerbeds, and other landscapes close to the foundation of your home.


  1. Think about how much easier it will be to maintain.

Consider having a complex wooden structure if you want to use your outdoor living space more than two months out of every year. This is especially true since decks include many other elements like railings, stairs, support beams, etc. If you can’t enjoy your deck regularly, try an open patio that would be easier to maintain and clean.


  1. Make sure it is structurally sound.

Replacing an entire deck will ensure its support beams are in good condition. Once occupied by your old structure, a new foundation for the area also allows you to create better drainage around your home if necessary.


  1. Understand what the law requires.

While decks may look like extensions of your home or yard, they are treated differently by zoning laws in some areas. According to state and municipal guidelines, you might not meet local requirements if your deck is deemed unsafe or otherwise unsuited for use.


  1. All about money.

When all else is equal, removing a deck is cheaper than rebuilding it. You can still use your old materials in another capacity when you tear down the deck, and the excavation process will be far shorter than if your deck was loaded with rotting boards.


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