Deck Post Caps and Why Do You Need Them

Deck Posts Caps in BostonAre you having trouble decorating your deck? Do you want to add a focal point to it, but don’t know how? Well, look no further. Today I’m going to teach you about the wonders of deck post caps and why they are a must for all decks. Deck Post Caps come in many different shapes and sizes including spheres, cubes, cones, pyramids, cylinders, fluted peaks, flat tiles, and more. These different shapes give your deck a new look that you would not be able to achieve with just paint or wood alone.

There may be as many as 20 boards on the surface of your deck but without post caps, those boards will fall short in adding visual interest. Post caps are the finishing touch for your deck, just like icing on a cake!

Post Caps can be made out of several different materials including metal, wood, stone, and glass. The most popular material used is aluminum because it does not rust or rot and requires very little maintenance. Other materials may need to be refinished with each passing year.

Material Tips:
  • Choose a material that matches the style of your deck and home exterior. Metal post caps are available in black, white, bronze and stainless steel to match any color scheme. Glass post caps come in many different colors including red, blue, or yellow to add a splash of color or opaque glass for a beautiful glow.
  • Think about the material you would like to stand on. Wood post caps are a great choice because they match with wood decks and siding, metal post caps do not allow your feet to breathe well in hot weather, glass is slippery when wet and stone can be very heavy if it needs to span a large area.

Once you’ve chosen the material for your post caps, you need to choose a design. Most decks have square or rectangular-shaped posts, but if yours is round then you will want to get around post caps that are made specifically for round surfaces.

Shape Tips:
  • Choose a shape that matches the style of your deck and home exterior.
  • Match the thickness of your post with the style of your deck. If you have very wide posts, consider using thicker material to give them more substance.

Once you’ve chosen the shape and material for your post caps, it’s time to choose a design. By adding in different designs within your post cap itself or by choosing one that has a design on it already, you can add a unique element to your deck.

Design Tips:
  • Keep the style of your home exterior in mind when designing your post caps because they will be visible from both inside and outside of your home. You don’t want them to clash with the color scheme or architectural detail of your house itself.
  • Choose a post cap design that matches the shape of your posts.