Repair Fencing or Replace a Damaged Fence

After a storm, it is common to see fences damaged with holes and debris. Many people debate whether they should repair their fencing or replace it entirely. The best option depends on the extent of the damage, ease of replacement, and cost. If there are only minor damages such as broken posts or boards, then repairing the fence may be the most economical choice for most people who do not have enough time or money to install an entirely new one. Repairs can also be more environmentally friendly than replacement because you are re-using materials rather than throwing them away.


Repair Fencing so it doesn't look like this.

For those that want quick fixes, using nails instead of screws is effective because they hold better under pressure (such as in high winds). However, this approach fails if the damage to the fence goes beyond broken boards, if there is little or no wood left in places that are supposed to be holding posts up then it may be time for a new fence because repairing it would be expensive and likely not work. Replacing an entire fence can cost $1,000+ depending on the size of the fence and the location where you purchase materials. The more people you share costs with, the less money each individual will have to spend.


There are many environmental concerns when replacing fences too… For example, if it is made of wooden boards individuals must make sure they are using recycled wood or purchasing wood from sustainable forests. Also, while metal fencing requires less energy to produce than wooden fencing, it may be more expensive and less durable.


The best option for replacing fences will depend on the cost of the fence itself, how much damage there is, and your time limitations. For minor damages repairing the fence may be easier but replacement may also be preferred if you do not want to deal with fixing a damaged fence in another few years. Other factors like environmental concerns should only improve the decision when they are important to you. However, you truly can’t go wrong with either choice – because even if your materials end up in a landfill eventually they still will have served their purpose in protecting your property from storms! You can choose which best fits you, whether it is to repair your fencing or replace it our team can help you today.