Pergola Boston

­­Pronounced “per-GOWL-uh,” pergolas are structures that consist of a framework covered with climbing plants or other vegetation. A typical Boston pergola consists of an upright metal or wooden beams, usually made from wood such as cedar, attached at either end by a crossbeam. The crossbeams are lined with smaller beams perpendicular to them to support the decking boards themselves. Attached to two or more uprights are slats that form an outdoor floor for the area below.

The history behind the pergola actually dates back to ancient Greek gardens where they were used in much the same way they are today. They provided shade over paths and walkways, gave people something beautiful to look at when enjoying the outdoors, and allowed vines to grow over them, adding a rustic feel.


Modern Times

The pergola has made its way into modern times and continues to be popular among deck designers and builders. The primary function of a Boston pergola is to provide shade and it has many benefits beyond that. They look beautiful in your backyard or on your deck, for one thing. When you have an outdoor space without much shade from trees or other plants, a pergola can be built to give you all kinds of comfortable seating options so you can spend time outside. If you love cooking outside but hate being in direct sunlight when doing so, a pergola gives your grill or cooking station protection from the sun while allowing fresh airflow at the same time.

Pergolas are also great for gardeners all over the world. When you have a pergola installed on your deck, you can grow plants vertically along with it which is far more efficient than growing them outwards. It’s also easier to tend to plants that grow upward because you don’t have to worry about stepping on or otherwise damaging their roots.

Adding a pergola onto your deck is not only aesthetically pleasing but gives new functionality to an old space as well! If you want some protection from the sun while still being able to enjoy being outside during those beautiful summer days, contact Boston Deck Pros today about building a custom Boston pergola on your existing deck!